Since 1989 Coratek has been a direct manufacturer supplier of systems and components for the civil and industrial air conditioning, automotive, household appliances and refrigeration industry.

High quality, zero defect manufacturing objective, rapidity, and competitive prices are the key elements of our production, as suppliers of a wide range of products to different industrial sectors.


  • Commercial and industrial air conditioning systems

Coratek supplies industrial and commercial air-conditioning system manufacturers with ad hoc, custom made components for air conditioners, heat pumps, chillers, and storage boilers.

  • Automotive

Coratek produces and designs tubes for vehicle air conditioning systems, engine compartment and braking system.

  • Electrical household appliances

The company supplies tubular parts and pipes for water and steam circuits for household appliances. Our components are also installed in coffee machines for professional and domestic use.

  • Refrigeration

We supply the food refrigeration industry with pipe units used in refrigerated trucks, preservation machines, food refrigerated counters and display cases.

Coratek assists its customers offering customized solutions to its clients’ needs using its vast machinery fleet that includes CNC machines, both universal and home-produced that allows it to manufacture any kind and shape of pipes.